Category: Tutorial

Introduction to Compositing with Maya and AfterEffects from Lucas Licata on Vimeo.

In this video we are look at how to take a rendered image sequence from maya into After Effects. We also look at how to preview the iff files in f-check how to extract the z-depth pass from f-check. Then we look at how to import the images in to After Effects create a composition with a ambient occlusion , Beauty pass and add depth of filed (DOF) with a z-depth info.

Contour Rendering over Ambient Occlusion Mental Ray Maya from Lucas Licata on Vimeo.

In this video we look at how to create a wireframe render with Contour Rendering using Mental ray over an Ambient Occlusion pass in Maya.
Note in MAYA 2014 and above, you need to set the Sampling Mode option to Legacy. This in done in the render setting Mental Ray / Quality / Legacy Sampling Mode.