Italian migrant VR experience

Italian migrant VR experience

Post-war Italian/European migrant VR experience

Virtual reality experience based on a single room, telling the Italian migrant post-war story.

Italian migrants settled in Australia in the hundreds and thousands. This project aims to explore the story of how they may have felt before leaving Italy.

As new debates of migration and population growth develop in Australia, the projects aim is to give empathy to participants on how migrants may feel about the benefits and aspirations of leaving your homeland and immigrating to a new country and culture. Using a historic post-war time frame allows for the participants to reflect on the positive outcomes that migrants have brought to Australia.

The project is a Virtual Reality diorama telling the story of how a migrant may feel about the “lucky country”. The aim is to evoke ideas of mystery, wonder, and the connection between two places. Using the contrast of the poor Italian small rundown living space, with positive Australian objects of products, beaches, sport, and suburbs. Using metaphors/symbols to tell a story of how a potential new Australian may feel before embarking on the big voyage.

As a participant, you are a post-war Italian potential migrant who has just received a delivery from an exotic foreign land, a box full of objects that represents the hopes and aspirations of a “better life”.  You stand in a small cramped run down room, in the center of the room is a package from Australia. You cannot see what is inside but a warm glow draws you closer.  As you move forward, you see that it is full of objects, icons of what may lie beyond the waters and the end of a long journey by boat.

A short 1 to a 2-minute experience of fully immersive virtual reality project using a head mount display, delivered by a three-dimensional computer graphics virtual environment. Virtual reality has the potential to deliver a sensory experience of presence, give a participant the feeling of being there. The project mediated by HMD Vive with small room-scale tracking giving an accessible experience of the space and delivers a migrant story.